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Tales From Zambia:

A Wildebeest Bull Stands Up to Two Cheetahs

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»Life and Death on the Plains

A Wildebeest Bull Stands Up to Two Cheetahs

Short | 02:08

A wildebeest bull takes exception to a couple of cheetahs who are feeding too close to his herd. Amazingly, he decides to take a direct stand against them, forcing them out of his territory.

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Journey to the Liuwa Plains, one of Africa's last wild places. This remote landscape is one of jarring extremes. For half the year, it's a dry, barren plain where only the toughest survive. Then, torrential rains bring relief, transforming the plains into a bountiful wetland paradise. Discover how creatures of all sizes--from colonies of termites to vast herds of wildebeest--have adapted to thrive in these two very different worlds.

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