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Alpha Chimps Are First in Line for Breakfast

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Alpha Chimps Are First in Line for Breakfast

Short | 02:42

Breakfast at the chimp orphanage on Ngamba island is an exciting time, mixed with an undertone of tension. While the alpha males typically get the best bits, those lower on the chain scramble to get their share.

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In the 1990s, one million chimpanzees lived across Central Africa. Since then, habitat loss, hunting for bushmeat, and the exotic pet trade has caused their population to crash to just 200,000. But on Ngamba Island, a semi-wild sanctuary just off the coast of Uganda's Lake Victoria, a team of caregivers is dedicated to giving them another chance in life. Visit this remarkable safe haven, where victims--most arriving as orphaned babies--recover from mental trauma, form a new family, and learn how to be chimps.

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