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Epic Warrior Women:

How African Female Ex-Slaves Became Agooji Warriors

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»Africa's Amazons

How African Female Ex-Slaves Became Agooji Warriors

Short | 02:29

During the 17th century, the Agooji were a battle-hardened, all-female warrior force that held a special place within the African kingdom of Dahomey. Most were former slaves, with only the bravest and toughest admitted into the fold.


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The Agooji of West Africa were the terrifying all-female fighting force of the kingdom of Dahomey in the 19th century. Up to 6,000 strong, the Agooji battled to protect one of the continent's last independent kingdoms, fighting as elite regiments against colonial male armies in the Franco-Dahomean Wars. Witness the fascinating history of these women warriors through the story of Sukeoun, a young girl who is taken as a tribute to the king, rises to become an Agooji officer, and valiantly fights to defend her kingdom.

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