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Investigators Relive Final Moments Before 2016 Crash

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»Soccer Tragedy

Investigators Relive Final Moments Before 2016 Crash

Short | 03:19

Investigators speaking to the air traffic controller on duty on November 28, 2016, the day LaMia 2933 crashed, are stunned to find out that the pilots had only declared a fuel emergency moments before the crash.


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    Jul 18
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    Aug 19
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    Aug 21

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LaMia Flight 2933, carrying Brazil's Chapecoense soccer team, is approaching Medellin, Colombia to play for the prestigious Copa Sudamericana championship when its crew suddenly declares a fuel emergency. Before air traffic control can clear a path, the plane loses power and crashes to the ground, killing all but seven passengers. Investigators discover no leaks and are mystified over how the experienced pilots could fly a plane with an insufficient amount of fuel. As they pore over the evidence, they ultimately uncover a deadly gamble.

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