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This Aircraft Pioneered Daylight Bombing Missions

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This Aircraft Pioneered Daylight Bombing Missions

Short | 02:22

The B-17 enabled the eighth Air Force to embark on a type of bombing campaign not seen before in the war: daylight bombing missions, aimed at minimizing civilian casualties.


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In January 1942, the U.S. military created a new bomber command, the Eighth Air Force, and sent a small contingent of men overseas to loosen the Nazis' grip on Europe. The command's star player was the B-17, a fast, heavily armed aircraft that changed the course of World War II. Witness them take on the mighty German Luftwaffe over enemy skies. Discover the story of how one B-17--the Memphis Belle--and its crew lifted the spirits of a nation and became a symbol of American prowess in defense of freedom.

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