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Mummies Alive:

Were Sacrificial Rituals Performed in These Bogs?

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»Buried in a Bog

Were Sacrificial Rituals Performed in These Bogs?

Short | 03:07

The ancient roads that lead into the peat bogs of central Ireland were impressive, but mystifying. For one thing, some of them just end in the middle of nowhere. Why?


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The investigation into the life and death of a 2,400-year-old mummy, found in a peat field near the center of Ireland, is underway. But for every answer unearthed, new questions arise. Who was he? A farmer? A warrior? A druid? How did he die? Was he killed, and if so, by whom? Join archaeologists and a forensic pathologist as they explore an ancient cold case involving Iron Age kings, human sacrifices, and a signature wound that helped solve the crime.

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