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What the Bullet Marks on this Mummy Actually Mean

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»The Gunslinger Mummy

What the Bullet Marks on this Mummy Actually Mean

Short | 01:38

The wounds on the mummified body of a 19th-century gunslinger, known to us as Sylvester, suggests he was killed in a gunfight. A ballistics report tells a different story.


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Was he a mythic gunslinging outlaw or a destitute thieving loner? No one knows the true story of Sylvester, the petrified cowboy that now resides at a curiosity shop in Seattle. But one thing's for certain: He is one miraculously preserved mummy. Through hands-on experimentation and contributions from experts in embalming, ballistics, and the history of the American West, we explore the life and death of the man who became a legend. Then we investigate the cowboys, con men, and sideshows that played a crucial part in his incredible story.

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